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Alexander Rose

Alexander Rose are recognised throughout the UK and Europe for their high-quality handmade outdoor furniture and have been at the forefront of garden furniture design and manufacturing since 1994.

They have many inspiring ranges designed to make you feel at home in your garden with a substantial choice of traditional and contemporary furniture, all created to a high standard by sharing their enthusiasm and bringing passion, experience and skill.

Alexander Rose furniture is crafted for life, made for all seasons, and built to last.

Wood Furniture

Alexander Rose’s timber furniture collection offers a diverse array of options crafted from sustainably sourced woods. They take pride in presenting a range of premium hardwoods, including Bolivian Roble, renowned for its exceptional strength and durability. In addition, the Cornis range is carefully cultivated in managed forests in Central Africa's Congo region. European Pine, with its rustic charm, forms the foundation for another part of the comprehensive collection.

The New England collection boasts furniture manufactured from Acacia wood, beautifully coated in a rich white finish. Or if you prefer a rustic grey appearance the Old England range is created using Acacia timber treated with a grey paint and textured with a wire brush. Similarly, the Sherwood collection uses the same method but in a rich chestnut brown hue, delivering a warm, rustic effect.

For those seeking hardwood durability, the Sorrento and Teak collections offer varying styles to cater to individual preferences and space requirements.

The latest additions launched in 2023, includes the Dana collection, showcasing a sleek design crafted from Teak, drawing inspiration from mid-century Danish classics. Another 2023 introduction, the Bolney range is crafted from Dark Acacia, revealing a captivating grain pattern that resembles striking 'tiger stripes.' In 2024, Alexander Rose are introducing the Albany collection, featuring the same uniquely grained Dark Acacia wood but presented in your favourite timeless styles.

It's important to note that Alexander Rose takes pride in having the most extensive selection of timber benches in the country, and they pioneered the curved back slat bench design that has since become a recognized classic in the world of outdoor furniture.


Cathodic dip-coated steel, often referred to as "Electrocoating," is a corrosion protection process used to apply a protective coating to steel or other metal surfaces. It is a highly effective and widely used method for preventing rust and enhancing the durability of steel components. Simply clean the furniture with a damp cloth and mild detergent, avoiding the use of bleach or abrasive cleaners. This process is used on the ever popular Portofino range and new for 2024, the Verona range.

Alexander Rose also offer powder-coated aluminium garden furniture amongst their metal ranges and is a popular choice for outdoor settings, known for its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. The Beach Lounge range stands out with its elegant powder-coated aluminium frames and luxuriously plump and inviting cushions, promising a comfortable and chic outdoor experience. The Rimini collection is also crafted from powder-coated aluminium and finished with a textured matte grey surface, these products not only demonstrate their resilience but also showcase superb welding and polishing quality, earning high praise for the meticulous craftsmanship evident in the metalwork throughout this range.


In Alexander Rose’s factory, the in-house aluminium framing department adeptly crafts and welds the intricate structures. Afterward, they apply powder coating in colours that harmonize with the Rose Fibre before the weaving process begins. Even for an experienced weaver, crafting an Alexander Rose chair can consume two full days of meticulous work.

The synthetic weave and aluminium raw materials used are entirely recyclable, and any waste generated is repurposed to create smaller components for many of their products. This eco-conscious approach ensures sustainability while maintaining the quality and integrity.


The Roble collection is one of Alexander Rose’s signature product lines, and it is known for its exceptional quality and timeless design. It is a premium dense and durable hardwood native to South America. This wood is highly regarded for its strength and resistance to decay and pests. The wood's natural grain and warm colour give the furniture a sophisticated and appealing look. Roble wood is naturally weather-resistant, which means that the furniture can withstand exposure to the elements without the need for constant maintenance. Over time, it weathers gracefully, turning into an attractive silver-grey however regular cleaning and occasional application of teak oil or a similar protective product can help maintain its original colour if desired. The Roble collection includes a wide range of outdoor furniture, including dining sets, loungers, benches, and more. This variety allows you to create a complete outdoor living space to suit your individual needs.


The Portofino Collection of garden furniture has stood as one of Alexander Rose's top-selling ranges for the past decade, seamlessly combining cutting-edge contemporary style with a touch of simplicity. This collection, characterized by fine powder-coated mild steel and wire mesh, epitomizes the essence of modern living. Precision is the hallmark of Portofino, exemplified by the intricate fusion of mesh and structure, where lines, shapes, and patterns seamlessly blend in the designs. The cathodic dip-coated steel means you can leave it out all year round and it won’t rust.


The Sherwood collection offers a delightful blend of traditional garden furniture style with a subtle contemporary twist to keep it fresh and distinctive. Crafted from the remarkably versatile and sturdy Acacia hardwood. Each piece of furniture in the collection features a painted finish using outdoor Polyurethane paint. With the exception of the White Acacia Drachmann bench, all items possess a uniquely brushed and slightly textured appearance. To achieve this look, Alexander Rose first smooth down the wood, a step common to all their Timber ranges. Next, each individual piece undergoes deliberate roughening with a wire brush to create the distinctive "distressed" texture. Finally, we apply the paint. This meticulous process exemplifies the synergy of top-notch craftsmanship and superior materials.


The Bolney range presents exquisite and robust garden furniture, meticulously crafted from Acacia wood. This dense hardwood boasts a lustrous brown hue, accentuated by a polished, finely sanded finish that highlights its intricate grain.

The durability of this timber rivals that of teak, ensuring that it will withstand the test of time, even in the unpredictable English weather. For added protection against the elements, consider using the Alexander Rose Timber Treatment and a gentle application of Timber Sealer is recommended.


Teak is the ideal selection for outdoor furniture. Abundant in natural oils and rubber, it boasts natural weather resistance. Given its substantial hardwood composition, the weight of the Teak furniture is no surprise. We strongly advise having multiple individuals available when assembling any of the Alexander Rose teak pieces. It's important to note that the Teak is crafted from timber that is 100% certified by the FSC.  The most premium of Alexander Rose’s furniture offerings, is the Sorrento collection. Due to its overwhelming popularity Alexander Rose now offer a dining set to complement the already highly acclaimed lounge set within this premium range.

The wood employed in the Sorrento collection is exclusively premium-grade teak, meticulously sourced from sustainable Brazilian forests and expertly crafted in Vietnam. It has received the FSC's highest certification for its commitment to responsible forestry. Not only is it exceptionally resilient and enduring, but it also matures gracefully with time and exposure to the elements. As an added benefit, it comes with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Following the popularity of the Sorrento collection, the in-house designers at Alexander Rose were eager to craft a mid-century Danish classic design using Teak to showcase exquisite joinery and craftsmanship and so Dana was born. For the Dana range, the aim was to create furniture that could still harness the unparalleled qualities of teak while embodying a more refined and elegant look.

The Dana dining chairs feature seat pads woven from a naturally hued Teslin cord, paying homage to the traditional paper-cord weaving found in Danish classics. This weather-resistant cord beautifully complements the Teak, imparting a sense of harmony and balance to the chairs.


The rustic Pine collection strikes an ideal balance between quality and affordability. It exudes a timeless, and comforting charm. This range is celebrated for its practicality and clever space-saving designs. Several items are crafted from Pine sourced from responsibly managed forests in Eastern Europe. The mild yellow-green hue has been specially treated to render it suitable for year-round outdoor use. Over time, these items will naturally transform into a distinguished ashy silver-grey.


Alexander Rose garden benches continue to be a fundamental part of their extensive garden furniture collection. Providing a range of benches to cater to a wide array of preferences – be it the timeless and unadorned classic design such as the Turnberry or St George style available in a range of woods such as Roble or Cornis, or a more contemporary, angular style like the Chorus style bench.

Additionally, Alexander Rose offer bench engraving, providing you with the option to inscribe a lasting message if desired for that personalised touch.

Beach Lounge

The Beach Lounge collection is celebrated for its comfort and effortless elegance. In collaboration with the renowned UK designer, Carsten Astheimer, Alexander Rose created this high-quality collection, featuring a modular sofa set and complementing outdoor side and coffee tables.

The frames are carefully crafted from powder-coated aluminium, and the cushions strike a perfect balance between plushness and softness. The fabric itself boasts water-resistant properties, and an impermeable liner shields the foam from rain, ensuring no unwelcome droplets seep through. The cushion covers are meticulously stitched using an outdoor, rot-resistant marine-grade thread, imparting enduring strength to the seams. The cushions come in a variety of colours for you to choose the perfect palette to complement your garden.


The Cordial collection was created with the aim of making a bold statement and serving as a captivating conversation piece. Whether you're aiming to elevate your summer garden, your kitchen-diner, or your patio, this collection seamlessly complements both indoor and outdoor settings. Comprising woven rope items, the Cordial products are all visually striking, contemporary, and one-of-a-kind. They are presented in a sophisticated dark grey shade, featuring a slender, more tightly woven design compared to the more robust Cordial Luxe.

Combine the Cordial chairs with the complementary dining tables from the Rimini range, whether you're in search of a smaller 4-seat set or an expansive extending table designed for hosting family and friends. Notably, the Lucy chair stands out as a signature piece from this range.

Cordial Luxe

The Cordial Luxe Collection is a testament to the art of luxurious living. Alexander Rose have crafted a range of pieces that go beyond furnishings; they're conversation starters and the ultimate definition of relaxation. It effortlessly complements both indoor and outdoor spaces, transcending conventional boundaries.

The Cordial Luxe range boasts chunky weave products, each a masterpiece of striking contemporary design. Uniqueness is woven into every fibre of this collection. Cordial Luxe products are available in two sophisticated shades: the deep allure of dark charcoal and the understated elegance of a lighter shade of grey.

Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo Collection is a diverse array of furnishings, encompassing everything from armchairs and tables to sunbeds, and even some playful additions like a hanging chair and a relaxing lounger.

Crafted meticulously at the state-of-the-art Alexander Rose factory in the Philippines, the range is handwoven by a team of exceptionally skilled artisans, the Monte Carlo range is a masterwork of design and construction. Each piece is constructed using 3mm synthetic grey rattan meticulously woven into robust and resilient aluminium frames.

Adding to the allure, the Monte Carlo cushions are adorned in robust olefin fabric in a sophisticated charcoal hue, harmonizing seamlessly with the elegant grey woven frames.

Ocean Pearl

The Ocean Pearl Range is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, boasting a 7mm flat Pearl Rose weave that's handwoven in the classic basket-style pattern onto a robust powder-coated aluminium frame.

Designed to withstand the test of time, the Ocean Pearl Range can brave the elements year-round without fading. This enduring quality arises from the weave's intrinsic colouring, akin to a carrot's hue rather than a radish's surface tint.

The Ocean Pearl Range's resilience is backed with Alexander Rose’s ten-year warranty and keeping this furniture in pristine condition is a breeze, as a simple wipe with a damp cloth or even a gentle pressure wash will suffice.


The Rimini collection epitomizes sophistication; its products exude a sleek, elegant aesthetic characterized by angular, contemporary lines that effortlessly elevate any space. Moreover, this collection stands out for its unwavering durability, capable of enduring the harshest weather conditions. Crafted from powder-coated aluminium and finished with a textured matte grey, every item boasts resilience.

At the forefront of this collection stands the ten-seater extending dining table, celebrated for its flawlessly smooth opening mechanism, and the designer armchairs adorned with gracefully tapered legs. Enhancing the allure of this range, all tabletops feature tempered glass, adorned with a captivating dappled grey ceramic effect top.

San Marino

Every piece in the exquisite San Marino range is meticulously crafted by a team of skilled weavers and welders in Alexander Rose’s Philippines factory. Designed with contemporary aesthetics and unrivalled comfort, each item of garden furniture in the San Marino collection is a testament to modern design. Crafted from 3mm Red Pine Rose HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) fibres interwoven with robust aluminium frames in a timeless basket weave pattern, the collection seamlessly blends elegance with contemporary flair. The oatmeal olefin fabric cushions provide comfort and are backed by a two-year warranty. The Rose Fibre used in this range is not only long-lasting but also 100% recyclable, extraordinarily durable, and resistant to weather and UV damage, making it an ideal choice for your garden or terrace, whatever the conditions. Every item in the range is back with Alexander Rose’s ten year warranty.


Alexander Rose offer a range of inscription and engraving services so that you can personalise your bench in a way to suit you. Choose from either a wood engraving directly on the bench itself offering subtle personalisation that will mellow down along with the bench to a silver grey if left untreated or an elegant brass or stainless steel plaque.

Usually positioned on the rear of a bench, the plaques, measure 6" x 2" with up to 18 words of your preference. Please note that engraving pine benches is discouraged due to their softwood composition.


Alexander Rose offers timber treatments for outdoor wooden furniture. These treatments are typically used to preserve wood, maintain appearance, enhance durability and help with water repelling. The treatments can help protect wooden furniture from the effects of weather, UV rays, and moisture, which can cause the wood to deteriorate over time and can help to extend the lifespan of outdoor furniture by preventing rot, mould, and decay.

They can enhance or maintain the wood's natural colour and appearance, preventing it from fading or greying due to exposure to the elements. In summary, Alexander Rose timber treatments are primarily used to protect and maintain outdoor wooden furniture, ensuring it remains in good condition and retains its aesthetic appeal when exposed to outdoor elements.


Ensure the enduring beauty and longevity of your garden furniture with an Alexander Rose protective cover. These versatile covers are designed to snugly fit a range of their top-selling outdoor pieces, including round tables, benches, and swing seats. They help to protect against tree sap and bird droppings; and while they are not 100% waterproof, they are 100% weatherproof. Designed to be breathable and allow air to circulate underneath your furniture. If the covers were not breathable, the condensation would build up below the cover creating mildew onto the furniture, especially wooden pieces. We recommend double checking dimensions of your furniture to ensure a good fit.


Alexander Rose have a collection of cushions in a range of materials, so you are sure to find something to suit your furniture no matter your budget. Their premium Olefin cushions feature elegant piping for a luxurious touch and include ties to ensure a secure attachment to your furniture. Crafted from stain-resistant fabric, these cushions also resist shrinking. Cushions are also available in polyester.

To maintain their pristine appearance, we advise storing the cushions indoors when not in use, particularly during the winter season, thereby extending their longevity and preserving their impeccable condition.

Parasol and Bases

Elevate your garden furniture set and enjoy the shade with one of Alexander Rose’s robust, all-weather parasols. Choose from an array of options, including hardwood and aluminium materials with tilt and cantilever styles available.

When it comes to bases, choose from stylish heavy-duty granite to sleek rounded steel options. Selecting the right base is crucial, and our product descriptions specify which base complements each parasol, ensuring you make the perfect choice.

For a stable foundation, we recommend using a base weighing between 20kg and 30kg. If your parasol is paired with a table, a lighter 11kg base is suitable. With pedestal tables or companion sets, no base is needed at all, simplifying your setup.

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