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With over 35 years’ experience Kettler confidently offers luxury garden furniture that ensures your family gets the most out of your garden year after year.

Recognised for its quality designs, comfort and durability with a wide range of styles such as hand-woven wicker, rust-free aluminium frames and FSC-certified wood. All needs are catered for from the more traditional to contemporary living, casual dining or lounging.

Kettler believe your garden is an extension of your home and as such should reflect your personal style.

Kettler Weave Rattan Furniture

Kettler's woven rattan furniture is expertly crafted using synthetic wicker, designed to endure the harshest of elements and ensure year-round suitability for outdoor use. The rattan weave combines aesthetic allure with remarkable resilience, effortlessly withstanding adverse weather conditions. Its synthetic weave is resistant to rain, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations, offering steadfast durability. Kettler further reinforces their furniture with robust aluminium frames, ensuring both structural integrity and long-lasting quality.

Kettler offers a variety of woven ranges. The highly popular Palma range features tables that sit perfectly between a formal dining height and a low-lounging height. This versatility allows you to effortlessly transition from a cozy family meal to a relaxed get-together with friends, all in one stylish setting. While LaMode brings contemporary design and sophistication to your outdoor space, and the Charlbury range offers classic elegance.

Kettle Contemporary Aluminium

The contemporary aluminium ranges include elba, Gio, Corus, Malo, Versa, Surf and Surf Active. The frames are rustproof and weatherproof. This lightweight material is durable and robust making it exceptionally well-suited to withstand diverse weather conditions. Aluminium garden furniture is lightweight enabling you to pick it up and rearrange it around your garden or patio with ease. Aluminium has the advantage of not retaining heat as much as some other materials like wrought iron, so it is more comfortable to sit on during hot summer days. All Kettler aluminium garden furniture and frames are powder coated, adding to the longevity of the furniture.

Kettler Wood and Rope

Kettler also offers wood and rope garden furniture with ranges such as Cora, Kubu, Bali, Fiji, and Beach.

Kettler uses sustainable (FSC) premium-quality wood, such as teak or acacia, which are known for their natural durability and resistance to outdoor conditions. Teak hardwood is perfect for garden furniture; it is a dense and robust wood with natural oils inside allowing it to withstand all weather conditions. Left to mature naturally the sun will turn your furniture a beautiful silvery-grey.

Kettler’s Wood and Rope ranges focus on creating comfortable and ergonomic designs. Whether it's a dining set, lounge chairs, or benches, these pieces are crafted with user comfort in mind. While wood furniture can require some maintenance, Kettler design their pieces to be relatively low-maintenance. Regular cleaning and, in some cases, reapplying protective finishes/treatments will help maintain the wood's appearance and durability.

Kettler also uses rope alongside it’s Wood and Aluminium frames as seen in the premium Aruba set. The rope is constructed using high-quality synthetic ropes. These materials are chosen for their resistance to the elements, including UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. The synthetic ropes are easy to clean and maintain, and they resist mould and mildew growth. As a result, Kettler rope furniture can withstand outdoor conditions all year round. These pieces typically feature sleek lines and stylish aesthetics, making them suitable for various outdoor settings, from patios and decks to gardens and poolside areas.


Kettler Palma Weave Furniture is known for its elegant and contemporary design, exceptional durability, and luxurious comfort. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Palma Weave collection combines synthetic wicker weaving with sturdy aluminium frames to create a stunning and long-lasting outdoor seating and dining solution. The synthetic wicker material is not only weather-resistant but also easy to clean, making it ideal for year-round outdoor use. This furniture collection includes comfortable sofas, lounge chairs, dining sets, and occasional tables, all designed to complement modern outdoor living spaces. With cushioned seating and ergonomic design, Kettler Palma Weave Furniture offers a blend of style and relaxation, creating an inviting atmosphere for outdoor gatherings and relaxation while withstanding the challenges of various weather conditions.

La Mode

Kettler La Mode Furniture is a stylish and contemporary line of outdoor furniture designed to enhance your outdoor living spaces with both elegance and functionality. It is constructed from high-quality synthetic wicker, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also resistant to various weather conditions, such as rain and UV rays. This makes the furniture suitable for outdoor use year-round. The use of sturdy aluminium frames ensures the furniture's structural integrity and long-lasting performance alongside being low maintenance. The collection features plush cushions with stylish upholstery, providing a comfortable and inviting seating experience for lounging or dining outdoors.


The elba collection seamlessly marries the elegance of aluminium with the timeless beauty of wood, creating a contemporary twist on classic garden furniture designs. This range showcases weathered teak wood tables which you can mix and match with dining chairs or benches to create your ideal dining set. Elba has an aluminium frame making it both lightweight and low maintenance, meaning you won't have to invest significant time and effort in keeping it in good condition, and it can be left out all year round.


Kettler's Charlbury weave sets boast a delightful traditional design, offering a variety of charming chair and table configurations. The Charlbury garden set combines different wicker styles to achieve a distinct appearance. Kettler utilize sturdy, full round wicker in high-contact areas, such as the armrests of the garden chairs and around the table's perimeter. This weatherproof wicker is meticulously handwoven around an aluminium frame. The Charlbury lounge sets have a mid-height Casual Dining table, this setting is perfect for enjoying outdoor meals or unwinding with a beverage.

Adelaide, Beach and Fiji

The Adelaide set is expertly crafted for durability, featuring an FSC certified Eucalyptus wood frame that adheres to the highest standards of forest management. It is elegantly wrapped in a weather-resistant and UV-stabilized belt weave, allowing you to leave the set outdoors year-round (excluding the cushions). The seat cushions incorporate a 5cm foam core, ensuring their shape over the years.

Kettler’s Fiji Lounge set combines ample comfort and style seamlessly. Its resilient, gracefully curved frame is constructed from exceptionally durable Eucalyptus wood with a light teak finish. This wood is FSC® certified and naturally waterproof, allowing you to leave the lounge set outdoors throughout the year (excluding the cushions). The accompanying coffee table features a sturdy Terrazzo tabletop that is not only long-lasting but also easy to clean.

The contemporary Beach Lounge Set is perfect for unwinding and savouring leisurely moments in the great outdoors. Crafted from FSC certified Acacia wood, you can comfortably leave the set outside year-round (cushions excluded). The coordinating square coffee tables are also made from this exceptionally sturdy Acacia wood, featuring an attractive slat design. Plus, with the inclusion of a side table, you have ample space for your beverages and snacks.


The Cora collection seamlessly marries Acacia hardwood with natural-coloured rope accents, offering an elegant and organic charm suitable for any garden or conservatory.

Kettler ensure responsible sourcing of FSC Acacia hardwood in the Cora range, adhering to the best forest management practices. This results in the creation of exquisite, long-lasting furniture pieces. Please note that wood, being a natural material, undergoes a natural aging process, which includes colour changes over time, only preventable through regular maintenance with treatments and protectors. The frames are thoughtfully coated with weatherproof and UV-resistant rope for added durability and resilience.


The space-saving Kingston furniture is designed for lasting durability, boasting a robust, iron grey, powder-coated aluminium frame. Its sides and back are elegantly woven with weatherproof and UV-stabilized rope, ensuring the set's lasting quality. You can confidently leave the set outdoors throughout the year, (except cushions), without worrying about deterioration or fading.

Surf and Surf Active

The Kettler Surf and Surf Active collection feature a modern and sleek design. It is the perfect blend working in both contemporary patios to more traditional garden spaces. The collection uses high-quality powder coated aluminium frames and textilene fabric for dining and lounging sets able to withstand outdoor conditions and require minimal maintenance.


The Versa range boasts a robust aluminium frame that ensures long-lasting durability while being both weatherproof and rust-resistant. The coffee table in this collection is crafted from the same durable aluminium, featuring a slatted tabletop that generously accommodates your snacks and beverages. Thanks to its complete weather resistance, the Versa sets can remain outdoors year-round (excluding cushions), without any risk of deterioration or colour alteration.


Introducing the Larno collection, a sleek embodiment of contemporary design that seamlessly blends a variety of materials within the ever-popular and practical grey colour scheme. Adhering to Kettler's renowned standards for durability, the frames are expertly crafted from robust, hard-wearing, rustproof, and weather-resistant aluminium. The hand-woven rope accents on the sofa and chairs add a captivating touch, culminating in an aesthetically pleasing ensemble. The Larno series is an ideal choice for those seeking exceptionally low-maintenance garden furniture. It is entirely weatherproof, UV resistant, and poised to endure the elements for years to come.


Elevate your outdoor space with Kettler's premium array of garden parasols, meticulously crafted to enhance your garden experience.

Boost your outdoor living with the elegance and practicality of a Kettler garden parasols. Explore the diverse selection of Wind-Up and Free-arm Cantilever parasols along with Panalsols and discover the ideal shading partner to suit your garden needs.


The range of Kettler Protective Covers act as a robust shield for your beautiful garden furniture, offering UV resistance and water-repellent properties. With its lightweight fabric, you can effortlessly wrap it around your furniture and secure it snugly using convenient pull tabs. The tailored fit ensures that the protective cover wraps your furniture securely, safeguarding it from frost and bird droppings around the clock.

Please be aware that these covers will provide cushion protection from brief spring and summer showers. However, during the winter season, we recommend removing and storing the cushions in a dry and well-ventilated area.

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